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West York Agway

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  • SKU: 05902798

Wood pellets burn cleaner, are more convenient, and easier to store than firewood. They produce significantly less ash and particulate waste than firewood, and a ton of wood fuel pellets can easily be stored in a 4’ x 4’ space.

  • SKU: 05901195

High-quality wood pellets that are produced from 100% pure wood fiber hardwood byproducts. Our products have no additives, are environmentally safe. They contain less than 1% ash per volume. We use a 3mil ultraviolet ray and moisture protection pallet covers to provide a tight, weather resistant product.

  • Manufacturer: American Wood Fibers
  • SKU: 05900989

American Wood Fibers' Premium Wood Pellet Fuel is a blend of quality hardwood fibers compressed into pellets which meet the highest industry standards. By combining our wood fiber experience and the latest in process technology we provide pellets that burn longer and burn stronger. Don't depend on foreign sources of energy when you can choose an American company to provide you better value, service, and quality.

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